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FIM 2010 Cmdlet Documentation

The FIM 2010 PowerShell Cmdlets project includes 5 PowerShell cmdlets that allow you search, update, create, and delete objects (resources) in the FIM 2010 web service object store. The cmdlets are:
  • New-FIMSession creates an authenticated connection to a specific FIM service
  • Get-FIMResource retrieves a specific FIM resourcegiven its resource ID, or uses an XPath filter to search for FIM resources
  • New-FIMResource creates a new FIM resource
  • Set-FIMResource modifies an existing FIM resource
  • Remove-FIMResource deletes an existing FIM resource

The New, Get, and Set cmdlets can put the objects they operate on into the PowerShell pipeline, so you can combine the FIM cmdlets with other cmdlets to do many interesting and wonderful things.

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