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New-FIMSession Cmdlet

The New-FIMSession cmdlet creates an authenticated connection to a specific FIM web service.


New-FIMSession [-Credential <creds>] -Server <servername>
<creds> is an instance of a PSCredential object initialized with the username and password you wish to use to authenticate the connection to the FIM service. If not specified, the cmdlet will take the PSCredential object from the pipeline. If there is no PSCredential object in the pipeline, it is an error.
<servername> is the name or IP address of the FIM server. You can append a colon and a port number to the server name, e.g. "".
a FIMPSSession object that you can use with the other FIM cmdlets.

Programming notes

The cmdlet creates and initializes an instance of a FIMPSSession object and puts it in the pipeline. The FIMPSSession is a wrapper around a FIMPSClient object, which in turn is an extension of Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Client.DefaultClient. The FIMPSClient constructor retrieves and stores a copy of the FIM schema through the MEX endpoint.

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adweigert Jan 12, 2012 at 4:22 AM 
The -Credentials parameter is not optional and is required else you receive a NullReferenceException.